Laser Treatment of Pigmentation


Our lasers can be used for the treatment of skin pigmentation and have minimal or no impact on normal skin. This is possible due to the process of selective photothermolysis. This is a term that describes how a particular laser wavelength is attracted to pigmented lesions, and only minimally to the normal skin to allow selective removal of a lesion. This allows the laser to selectively disrupt the pigment with minimal or no damage to surrounding skin.

Prices quoted are per session.

  • Consultation & Test Patch €20

    (Refundable from treatment price)

  • 1 area approx. 3x3cm or less OR up to 2 single spots €70

  • 2 areas approx. 3x3cm or less OR between 3 and 5 single spots €120

  • 1 area approx. 10x10cm or less €150

  • 2 areas approx. 10x10cm or less €260

  • Your doctor will guide you on pricing plans should pigmentation cover extensive areas.