A holiday experience of wellness

Malta has a strong medical background such that it is often referred to as “The Hospital of the Mediterranean”. The first hospital was already functioning by 1372 and today Malta ranks as number 5 in the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world health systems (US–37, Australia–32, UK–18 and Canada-30).

This high level of medical expertise, coupled by a pleasant climate all year round, makes Malta the perfect place for receiving treatments and to take your well-deserved break.

Why choose CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics in Malta?

  • CHIC’s location is at SkyParks Business Centre, right within the Malta International Airport grounds. Arriving to CHIC from the airport arrivals is less than 200 metres walking distance. You may also receive your treatment while waiting for your transit flight.
  • CHIC has the very latest cutting edge laser technology. Such technology comes from Syneron-Candela who is the leader in skin laser equipment around the world.
  • Treatments at CHIC are carried out by internationally trained aesthetic physicians.
  • CHIC operates within state-of-the-art facilities enhanced with opulent interior design and relaxed surroundings.
  • The list of services and treatments offered at CHIC is vast and varied ensuring that the right advice and treatment plan is offered to cater for your individual needs.
  • All physicians and administration staff are multilingual.
  • Prices are very competitive when compared with those generally found in the UK and mainland Europe.
  • Due to Malta’s central location, there are excellent flight connections to all European countries and beyond.
  • Malta boasts of a strong travel industry ensuring that you can combine a beautiful holiday along with your visit to CHIC.
  • CHIC can take care of all your travel arrangements, from accommodation, to transport, excursions and the sharing of some local secrets to the best spots and restaurants.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for your e-consultation as a first step towards your experience of health, beauty and wellbeing in the Maltese Islands.