Specifically for Him

Men are just as concerned as women about their appearance; they’re just more quiet and discreet about it. In fact, the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures has increased greatly, now counting to around 20% of clientele.

Men of all ages, professions, backgrounds and lifestyles are viewing clinical treatments as part of an overall wellness and grooming plan. Notably, the number of men having laser hair removal, Botox for furrows and forehead lines, or fillers for nasolabial folds and jawline is ever so popular.
There are distinct differences between men and women in skin biology, facial anatomy, and the way the ageing process manifests itself. For such reason it is important for a man to seek the guidance of a well-trained, experienced and professional doctor as you would find at CHIC when seeking rejuvenation solutions.

Whilst all other services are applicable to men, CHIC also offers treatments specifically directed towards the male population.

These include Beard Bumps, Pain Free Laser Hair Removal and Anti-Ageing Solutions.