Helping You Stay Healthy and Feel Good

CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics provides both Med-Aesthetic Treatments as well as Primary Care Medical Services. It operates within state of the art medical facilities at Level 0 SkyParks Business Centre right next to the Malta International Airport.

Med-Aesthetic treatments are performed by internationally trained aesthetic physicians and include fat reduction and anti-cellulite treatments, together with skin laser treatments such as laser hair removal and treatment of pigmentation, veins and other vascular lesions. A complete portfolio of non-surgical anti-ageing solutions is offered that also includes Botulinum Toxin (Botox) injections and dermal fillers. CHIC has the latest technology in skin laser equipment. CHIC’s lasers are safer, give better results, pain free, faster and can be used on practically all skin types. These attributes are a first in Malta.

A full list of medical services is offered through computerized patient record systems ensuring continuity of patient care within a General Practitioner group practice. The practice also focuses on preventive medical care by providing blood checks, immunisation, medical examinations and medical care plans. Fully trained medical doctors are found at CHIC at all times during opening hours, also catering for walk-in emergency medical services.

Whilst all other services are applicable to men, CHIC also offers treatments specifically directed towards the male population.

Our professional beauty therapists perform a wide array of beauty treatments ranging from Semi-Permanent Make-Up, to Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Facials and more.

Looking good begins at the very basic skin care techniques. CHIC offers you a wide range of take home products offering quality personal care that can run hand in hand with your treatment plan. All products have been hand picked by our professionals to ensure that you only find effective products with quality active ingredients.