Botox and Dermal Fillers

CHIC fillers-smooth-wrinkled-skin-1What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable products frequently used to correct wrinkles, and other depressions in the skin. Facial volume loss, due to decreased collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid, is one of the key factors in the ageing process. Dermal fillers can help to replenish this lost volume and rejuvenate the face. Dermal fillers can also enhance the shape of the face or to lift the face non-surgically. Common areas for treatment with dermal fillers include lips, chin, nasolabial folds, mouth corners, and and other static wrinkles.

CHIC lip enhancement scale.phpWhat is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips and an injectable dermal filler is the most commonly used method of lip augmentation.

The most common fillers today are products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance found in the body. Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the appearance of your lips by adding Shape, Structure and Volume. The effects typically last around six months.

How does Botox treat or prevent wrinkles?

Expression lines are generally treated with Botox that relaxes the muscles causing the compression of the skin. Botox is composed of a natural, purified protein, and it is most commonly injected in the muscles between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Botox generally lasts for about 4 to 6 months, sometimes longer. By stopping the movement/expressions that cause wrinkles, Botox will also prevent static lines from becoming deeper by stopping the compression of skin.

CHIC botox Who qualifies for anti-wrinkle injections?

Anyone with a crease, fold or ridge on their skin qualifies for anti-wrinkle injections. These injections are there to keep you looking natural and good for your age. When done well, people won’t realize that you’ve had anti-wrinkle injections done and the general feedback will be on the lines of, “You somehow look really good”.

Our aesthetic doctor has been trained in London and will ensure that you get the treatment that best suits you by considering your goals and expectations.

With Botox, will my facial expressions continue to look natural?

Although the results are visible, a treatment with Botox by a professional will not radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you “had work done“. The muscle activity that causes lines between the brows, forehead and around the eyes is simply reduced and you will still keep your expressions.

What is the difference between Botox and Dermal Fillers?

Botox vs Fillers CHICBotox will relax targeted muscles where the product is placed – often the forehead, frown lines and crows feet, whereas Dermal Fillers, such as Juvederm, is a type of gel that will restore skin fullness and add volume.

Thus, Botox treats dynamic lines – i.e. when you are moving your facial muscles, while Dermal Fillers treat static lines, when your face is relaxed, and volume loss.

They can be used very successfully as a combination treatment say when you have a deep forehead furrow. Initially you would have Botox to relax the movement in that area and then 2 weeks later, (as Botox takes this long to reach full effectiveness) you could have fillers to put the volume back and plump out any static line/s that remained.

The other difference with Botox and fillers is that Botox lasts around 6 months while the good dermal fillers, such as the ones used at CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics, last at least a year.



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